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General conditions

Rentloox works from the web portal www.rentloox.com. Rental services are offered by different car rental companies that are promoted on the www.rentloox.com platform. Rentloox works as a promoter of the rental service offered by car rental companies throughout Europe. The following terms and conditions apply to the contract between the customer and the service promoter. The following terms and conditions apply to the promotion only. They do not affect the terms of the contracted services. Therefore, any divergence or conflict of foreign policies are not considered included in the contract. The rental agreement is exclusively between the client and the car rental company, taking into account the terms and conditions of the company that provides the service. When making the reservation the client receives and confirms the terms and conditions of the company that provides the service. As part of the services offered, it is established that the client can be expressly informed about the pertinent issues related to the conclusion of the lease agreement.



All the trademarks shown belong to the legitimate owners; third-party trademarks, product names, product images, trade names, corporate names and companies mentioned may be trademarks of the respective owners or registered trademarks of other companies and have been used for explanatory purposes only and for the benefit of the owner, without any violation of current copyright rights. All the material contained in this form is owned by Rentloox.com and / or represented companies; the Italian and European laws on copyright are applicable to it; any texts and images taken from other sources are also protected by copyright and are the property of the respective proprietary marks. All information and content (texts, graphics and images) reported without sources are, to the best of our knowledge, in the public domain; if, unintentionally, material subject to copyright or in violation of the law has been published, please notify us and we will immediately remove it. Rentloox is a promotional platform for the rental of sports and luxury cars. Rentloox is a project by Vito Lucio Pavia, Via Bonsulton 33, 91017 Pantelleria, Italy, VAT number: 02812830814



Rentloox selects different rental offers and compares the prices and conditions of different rental companies. The contractual obligation of Rentloox is the correct and truthful information of the reserved service. However, the provision of the reserved service, as such, is not part of the duty of Rentloox, but of the company that provides the rental service of the vehicle. The assignment of Rentloox is the rental of a vehicle, through associated companies on the Internet or through the company Rentloox through the website https://www.rentloox.com. Thus the client sends a booking request either in writing, orally or online. Only when the contract has been concluded will your booking be confirmed by Rentloox or by the rental company, in writing, by telephone or via email. Additional requests may be described by the client to the contract during the reservation process. However, these must be confirmed in writing by Rentloox or the company providing the service to be binding. It is the duty of the client to check possible errors in his reservation and communicate it immediately, to check and identify the problem. The errors will not be taken into account at a late date and will not imply, under any circumstances, the termination of the contract already concluded.


Roles of the rental company

Information about the car, lease and rental agreements will be presented by the different car rental companies and other service providers to Rentloox. Rentloox chooses its partners in a very strict and rigorous partners but does not have the obligation to verify the information provided by the car rental companies and other suppliers and is not subject to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by said entities. In addition Rentloox will not be responsible for printing errors or calculation errors in the offers. Rentloox explicitly emphasizes that the email sent immediately after booking to the email address provided by the applicant is not a confirmation, it simply serves to confirm the data received from the client.


Limits of Liability

The provision of services is the responsibility of the companies providing the respective services and are not covered by the existing contract with Rentloox. Therefore, the responsibility for the provision of these services is exclusively for the companies that provide them. It is not an obligation of Rentloox that the contracted service is fulfilled and, especially, no responsibility is accepted as to the availability of the rental vehicle at the time of booking. Only in the case of intent or gross negligence, Rentloox will be liable for damages for breach of contractual or pre-contractual obligations. This restriction does not apply to: a) breach of the contract, b) responsibility for the guarantee acquired or, c) in persons, damage to health or death as a result of an accident. In the case of slight negligence of a contractual obligation, liability is limited to typical and foreseeable damages. The liability is limited in its amount, in each case, according to the price of the contracted service. The limitations described above also apply to the personal liability of the employees, legal representatives and agents of Rentloox. The statute of limitations is governed by legal provisions.



All Payments are made by card or bank deposit directly to the car rental company. In no case Rentloox receives direct payment for the rental service.


Conditions of change of reservation and cancellation

Each promotion page of each car present at www. rentloox.com presents the policies of change and cancellation of each rental company that promotes their vehicles in Rentloox. Both changes and cancellations can be made by phone to Rentloox during the specified business hours. The conditions arising from these changes and cancellations will be governed by the terms and conditions of the rental company.


Privacy Policy

Rentloox is committed to protecting the personal data of the client, understanding therefore that personal data that the clients have facilitated during the process of registration and subsequent reservation of the rental vehicle. These data will be exclusively stored and processed for the purpose of liquidating the contracts made by Rentloox. The personal data of the clients will only be collected by the parties involved in the lease contract. In this way, Rentloox undertakes not to disclose your information to third parties, being an illegal act and an infringement of privacy rights. To guarantee compliance with the contracts and the associated costs, the data record will be sent to a third party involved, the company providing the vehicle rental service.


The contract is subject to Italian legislation. Rentloox can only be sued at its headquarters. The place of residence of the client is decisive for the shares of Rentloox in front of him. However, Rentloox’s actions against companies or individuals who do not have jurisdiction in Italy; or to persons who have moved their domicile or place of habitual residence abroad after the conclusion of the lease contract; or whose domicile or habitual residence at the time of the action is unknown, will be in Italy, which is the natural seat of Rentloox.

Rentloox is a promotional platform for the rental of sports and luxury cars. Rentloox is a project by Vito Lucio Pavia Via Bonsulton 33, 91017
Pantelleria, Italy, VAT number: 02812830814

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